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Device Description

Product Name: GD00Z-X
Brand Name: Linear
Product Line: Linear Home Security
Product Code: GD00Z-X
Product Version: V1.1
Product Comment:
Battery Type:
Battery Count:
Description: Z-Wave Secure Garage Door Opener Accessory (Motorized Barrier Command Class)
Inclusion Note: Press the link button on the GD00Z-X.
Wakeup Note:
Default Image: Not available

Device Data

Hash Weak: 04-40-00
Hash Strong: 014f-4744-3032-03-03-67-00-15
Manufacturer: Nortek Security & Control LLC (0x014F)
Product Type ID: 0x4744
Product ID: 0x3032
Library Type: 0x03
Protocol Version: 0x03
Protocol Sub Version: 0x67
Application Version: 0x00
Application Sub Version: 0x15
Basic Class: Slave with routing capabilities
Generic Class: Entry Control
Specific Class: Specific Device Class Not Used
Optional Flag: Yes
Listening Flag: Yes
Routing Flag: No
Beam Sensor 0
RF Frequency US
Certification ID:
Certification Number:
Submitter: lydia
Create time: 2014-08-21 14:32:00
Last changed: 2015-05-08 12:47:21

Implemented Command Classes

Command Class Byte Version Support Control In NIF Secure Non Secure
Manufacturer Specific 0x72 1 Yes No Yes No Yes
Security 0x98 1 Yes No Yes No Yes
Device Reset Locally 0x5A 1 Yes No Yes No Yes
Version 0x86 2 Yes No Yes Yes No
Barrier Operator 0x66 1 Yes No Yes Yes No
Application Status 0x22 1 Yes No Yes Yes No
Alarm 0x71 4 Yes No Yes Yes No
Association 0x85 1 Yes No Yes Yes No
Basic 0x20 1 Yes No Yes No Yes

Config Parameters

Association Groups

Group Number Max Nodes Description
1 1 The device sends notifications to the controller.


Alarm Mappings


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