Certification Process

In order to receive a Z-Wave Certification for a new product a company has to perform a self certification first. The results of this test is reviewed by the official Certification department of Sigma Designs and if approved it is sent to the test house that will then start the actual certification tests. Those tests include the following items

  • Review of the product documentation to ensure general comprehensibility and the usage of defined standard terms.
  • Protocol level tests to determin basic network functions like Inclusion, Exclusion and Controller Replications.
  • Application level test in which all implemented command classes are verified.
  • Radio range tests to guarantee that all products achieve the minimum required communication range.

All those conductivity tests usually take two to five days depending on the complexity of the product. At the end any found issue is explained in detail and the certification form will be sent back to Sigma Designs where it is reviewed again. If there were any issues a so called Adhoc period starts during the product developer has the chance to fix those issues. In this period the test house is in close contact to the product developer and tries to help with getting a solution for all open items. As soon as new sample devices or fimwares are available the test house starts another test run and when all issue have finally been fixed Sigma Designs provides the official certification for the product.

We are working closely with our partners
Z-Wave Alliance
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